Jeff Hessler

Jeff Hessler

USSA Level 100 Certified Coach
PSIA Level 3 Certified Ski Instructor
Asst. Director of Racing Shawnee, PA
NASA Assistant Coach

I grew up in Wisconsin. We were a skiing family that made weekend trips to the UP ski resorts. I was 3 years old and had lace up boots and wood skis with cable bindings. I loved skiing more than anything. 

We moved to Frankfort MI when my parents purchased a furniture store and started Betsie Bay Furniture. I started working there at age 11. The store was a seasonal business closing in the winter months. Having Crystal Mountain close by was great because I spent every free moment skiing.

My parents started me with CUSSA racing when I was 12. I struggled with public school and was sent to private schools but finally found my place at the Montreal Ski Racing academy in Montreal, Wisconsin. I thrived there because we skied during the day and did class at night. I graduated at the top of my class.

I went onto college at Gogebic Community College in Ironwood, Michigan where I graduated with a degree in Ski Area Management. Part of my schooling was ski instructing. Being a people person, I really took to this.

After college I worked the family business in the summer and wintered as a ski instructor. After instructing and NASTAR pace setting in the UP of Michigan, I took a job in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where I managed a ski racing program. Skiing out east was a great experience, but I really wanted to head west to the Rockies.

 I was offered a job at Alta, Utah where I had the opportunity to work under Alf Engan (skiing legend and pioneer) at the Alf Engan ski school. I worked full time for eleven seasons. It was here that I met my ski partner Janet. She's one of the strongest all mountain skiers I know. I averaged 130 days a season working with upper level skiing, and guiding. I really enjoyed this challenge of helping strong skiers become stronger.

After Janet and I got married and had our daughter Annie, it was time to settle down so we moved to Frankfort full-time and purchased the family business Betsie Bay Furniture. Our business has grown into a unique high quality furniture store specializing in interior design. Ski instructing was very helpful because in my business, you are dealing so much with people and their emotions.

Today, our furniture store is a local destination. We work very hard through the summer months. We enjoy summer living in Frankfort, being so close to the lake we swim, surf, and SUP. We also enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing and skateboarding. Come winter we enjoy the slower pace of Northern living, skiing as a family as much as we can. We base all of our vacations around skiing. My daughter Annie's favorite sport is skiing and she loves ski racing. 

I work as a part-time trainer for the Crystal Mountain ski school as well as a full time coach with NASA. I love working with the NASA athletes, They are such a great group of individuals and every family is very special. What I enjoy the most about coaching the athletes is that I get to let them do what they enjoy the most. They work so hard! All we have to do as a coach is direct them with skill improvement. 

I love skiing because its a freedom that we can experience all of our life!

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